7 French Lingerie Essentials

Crafting French lingerie is a time-honored tradition that several French lingerie brands have been practicing for centuries. France is well-known for its luxury lingerie. While thankfully we no longer have to wear corsets and girdles, the French savoir-faire of making beautiful yet comfortable undergarments lives on. France is one of the best countries to go lingerie shopping. With delicate, feminine designs, there are endless options for French lingerie for all body types. 

The French girl lingerie collection has a few essential pieces you need if you want to Frenchify your wardrobe. After all, the basis of every outfit is lingerie!

What lingerie do French women buy?

Here are a few French lingerie tips for choosing the right undergarments. French lingerie is understated yet sexy, comfortable yet mysterious. It’s subtle and straight to the point. 

  • Buy For Yourself: French women buy lingerie for themselves, not their men! Make sure the piece makes you happy first and foremost. French women even wear cute lingerie when they don’t have plans to see a man. 
  • Stick to Neutral Colors: While Americans love wearing brightly colored lingerie, French lingerie tends to be much more neutral in color – like black, beige, and ivory.
  • Only Wear a Bra When Necessary: French women often forgo wearing a bra. They only wear one when they absolutely must

French Lingerie Essentials

If you’re going for the French girl look, you should have these key French lingerie essentials in your lingerie drawer. First, get rid of the granny panties and old underwear you wore in college.

As Caroline de Maigret says in her book, “Always be fuckable.” That starts with these French girl lingerie essentials.

Cotton Bra

Truth be told, French girls don’t wear a soutien-gorge that often, but there are a few key bras they own for when it’s necessary to wear one. Work meetings and dates when you’re wearing a semi-transparent top are a few times that come to mind! A nude-colored cotton bra is always good to have on hand for these situations. The Chantelle Invisible Memory Foam T-Shirt Bra is perfect for this.

Black Lace Bra

The finest French lace is made in places like Calais and Chantilly. At least one black lace bra is a must-have for your lingerie drawer. Bras like this can be worn under a white button-up shirt, in an effort to compliment the outfit. 

Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is great for wearing with low-cut tops and strapless dresses. Get one in a color as close to your skin tone as possible. French girls often wear strapless bras in the evening when their clothing requires one!

Lace Thongs

Lace thongs can be bought separately or in a set. French girls often buy their lingerie in sets, so you can snag a matching lace bra when picking this one up. Lace thongs aren’t the only French underwear that women own, but they are the most fitting when talking about lingerie, n’est pas? 


Bodysuits are one-pieces that can be worn under a dress or sometimes as a top of their own. They help keep your body firm and tight. If worn as a top, they won’t budge since they’re skin-tight along your torso. There are several beautiful French bodysuits to shop for! 

Silk Night Slip

Every French girl owns at least one silk night slip. It could be a simple silk nuisette, or it could be lined with lace. These nightgowns are perfect for lounging around your home. I have a beautiful silk night slip by La Perla and I have to admit, I feel so elegant when I wear it around the house!

Silk Robe

A silk robe de chambre is a nighttime French girl lingerie essential. The silk robe is fabulous for feeling luxurious as you lounge at home in the evening or in the morning as you’re getting ready. You can tie it closed to highlight your waist, or leave it open and let it flow behind you as you walk around. The silk robe is a very feminine French girl lingerie piece!

I hope these French intimates inspired you to add to your lingerie wardrobe!

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