3 French Underwear Essentials

What kinds of French underwear are found in the French wardrobe? Today I’m going to share the most common undergarments worn by women in France. 

French Underwear

These are the French underwear essentials you must own for a complete Parisian wardrobe.

The best French underwear brands include the made-in-France Le Slip Francais and the time-tested classic Petit Bateau. I’ll share my recommendations for each piece below!

Cotton Undies

Cotton underwear is the most basic piece of French underwear to own. You can get simple cotton panties from brands like Petit Bateau and Le Slip Français. I own about 20 pairs of cotton underwear in neutral colors like black, white, and beige. Some women prefer the normal bikini style while others go for a slimmer Tanga cut.

Seamless Panties

A few pairs of skin-colored seamless underwear are a must. If you wear white jeans or white linen dresses, it’s good to have a pair of nude-colored underwear that doesn’t show a seam to wear underneath. The Chantelle Soft Stretch Thong is perfect for this.

Lace Thongs

A few pairs of thongs are always great to own. Delicate lace French thongs are found in every French girl’s underwear drawer! There are several feminine French lingerie brands where you can find chic lace thongs.

Next up, read about the French girl lingerie essentials you need.

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