5 French Sunglasses Styles

Ever wonder the kinds of sunglasses French girls wear? In this post, I’m going to share some of the best French style sunglasses you can buy right now to help you live your best parisienne life.

French Girl Sunglasses

Sunglasses are just one of the many French girl accessories that you need to own. From oversized to cat-eye, there are a variety of sunglasses styles you can buy to look more French.

Depending other shape of your face, not all of these sunglasses will look good on you, and that’s ok! Personally, I have the best luck with cat-eye sunglasses, but I don’t look good in oval ones! Whether your face is square, heart-shaped, rectangular, round, or oblong, there is a good pair of sunglasses out there for you!

Black Cat-Eye Sunglasses

My favorite pair of French girl sunglasses is definitely black cat-eye sunglasses. This is the sunglasses shape that flatters my face the most. These have a distinctly 50s vintage vibe to them and so I adore this style of shades! You can go with black, white, or tortoiseshell, but definitely make sure you have a pair of cute cat-eye sunglasses in your wardrobe! 

White Oversized Sunglasses

Next up, for a bit of old Hollywood glam, you need a pair of oversized white sunglasses for summer. Just picture yourself as Grace Kelly on the beach in Cannes, France while filming To Catch a Thief (1955). 

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are best for brunettes. I have eyeglasses in this style which are some of my favorites! You can get these in a variety of styles.

90s Oval Sunglasses

Believe it or not, the French love to imitate Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and the chic minimalist oval sunglasses she famously wore during the early 90s.

70s Square Sunglasses

The 70s are à la mode in France, and so it makes sense that more and more designers are creating 70s style square-shaped sunglasses! I love this look, and while I have yet to find my perfect pair, here are a few you could check out.

Which style is your favorite?

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