15 French Style Fall Blazers

Blazers are the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe and these French style fall blazers will serve you well this autumn. I’ve already written about the essential French blazers in the year-round French girl wardrobe but today I want to focus on fall blazers that are best for wearing in September, October, and November.

Fall Blazers

When it comes to fall blazers, you want to stick to the typical fall wardrobe color palette of dark brown, camel, burnt orange, forest green, and cranberry red. You could also go with a patterned blazer like plaid or houndstooth. Fall blazers are often made in warm materials like wool, corduroy, and velvet. Here is my French girl fall blazer selection for getting French girl style right this fall.

French Style Fall Blazers_IMG_9475

Plaid Blazer

Corduroy Blazer

Velvet Blazer

Brown wool Blazer

Black Evening Blazer

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