How to Wear Lipstick the French Way

The full-lipped pout is the signature look of any French woman.

This might sound silly, but I noticed that many French girls sort of push out their lips when speaking French! I don’t think they do it intentionally, but it’s just part of speaking French properly. So it’s no surprise that women like to wear a good lip color daily, which really gives them that full-lipped pout. 

But how do you buy and apply lipstick the French way? Let’s discuss!

french girl lipstick chanel rouge

French Girl Lipstick

Almost every French woman I see and know wears some form of lipstick. Let’s talk about the French way to wear lipstick and get the Parisian pout we all want.

Find Your Color

Step one is to find the color that suits your skin tone and personality. 

Choose a Good Brand

Next up, you want to pick a good brand. Lipstick naturally gets absorbed by our bodies and into our mouths, so going with a high-quality brand is a must. I personally love the Chanel Rouge Allure line.

Here are some other French lipstick brands to try:

  • YSL Beauty: For a bold 70s look, go wiith YSL Pur Couture lipstick.
  • Guerlain: Did you know Guerlain created the first French lipstick in 1870?
  • La Bouche Rouge: A contemporary French liipstick brand with a clean approach to beauty
  • Rouje: Get French influencer Jeanne Damas’ signature pout

Apply It with Your Finger

The ‘French’ trick to applying lipstick is to do it with your finger! Just dab some on your index or middle finger and lightly pat it onto your lips. You can even go above the edges a little bit for a fuller look. This will give your lips a color that looks more natural.

Never Go Without It

I think it’s very French to just about always have some lip color on. Personally, I really hate how my lips just blend into my skin when I’m not wearing lipstick. For this reason, I always have a tube in my purse.

Et voilà!

Enjoy wearing lipstick the French way.

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  1. Hi,thanks for the secrets of beauty of French Girls…Lol. Can you tell us more about blazers? are they long,short, how many buttons? Thanks

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