French Evening Makeup

If you’re going to a dinner or cocktail party, you might be interested in doing your evening makeup like a French girl. Today I’m going to share the perfect Parisian evening makeup look for you to copy! 

Simple French Evening Makeup

French evening makeup can be really fun to do. While daytime French girl makeup is often pared down and simple, French nighttime makeup can be much more interesting and playful. You might want to use metallic eyeshadow or deep purple lipstick. Changing it up at night is the key to getting French evening makeup just right!

If you are a fan of French girl beauty, then these are the French evening makeup ideas you’ll love!

French Evening Makeup

Black Eyeliner

French girls love using black eyeliner a night. A thin black line on the edge of your eyelashes can really make your eyes pop, drawing attention to them.

Metallic Eyeshadow

Metallic eyeshadow is another French girl evening makeup favorite.

Bold Lipstick

Bold lipstick is a very reliable French evening makeup choice.

Volumizing Mascara

Volumizing mascara can make your eyelashes pop.

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