Tatiana de Nicolay Silk Duster Collection

My friend Tatiana de Nicolay is a talented artist who recently launched a new line of silk dusters in Paris. I attended a small cocktail party at her lovely home in Paris to celebrate the launch of this line. Dusters were commonly worn by women in France and Europe in the 19th century. They are perfect for walking around at home, or running errands around your neighborhood! Shop via TDNprojects.com

Tatiana de Nicolay Silk Duster Collection x Ribaucourt-90
Tatiana de Nicolay Silk Duster Collection x Ribaucourt-96
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  1. Wow, ces deux robes sont tout simplement incroyables !!
    Et bien sûr vous aussi.

    Je trouve ces motifs Art Nouveau incroyablement beaux. Et les couleurs…

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