7 French Fall/Winter Handbags

These French fall/winter handbags are perfect for carrying around your essentials, or more. If you’re looking to expand your French handbag collection, then these handbags will carry you through the fall and winter seasons.

Fall/Winter Handbags

Here are my recommendations for the best French fall/winter handbags this year.

Small Beige Leather Bag

A light brown or beige leather crossbody bag is always great for brightening up any dark outfits you wear in the fall or winter and creating a contrast to your look. 

Burgundy Bag

A burgundy medium-sized bag is a great fall-colored handbag. 

Brown Bag

Brown handbags are my go-to everyday fall handbag. 

Black Leather Bag

Black handbags always make your outfit look more elegant.

Shearling Bag

I have started seeing more shearling handbags in winter!

Small Red Bag

A small red bag is a great way to add color to your neutral winter outfits.

Black Tote Bag

A black tote bag is the perfect companion for work or long days during fall and winter! 

Those are my fall/winter handbag essentials!

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