Rain Boots: French or Not?

I often get asked: What do French girls wear when it’s raining? I hate to break it to you, but despite the city seeing more than its fair share of rain each year, French girls are not a fan of rain boots. Shocking I know! 

In New York, I always had a pair of rain boots on hand so I didn’t have to soak my feet by stepping in a dirty Manhattan rain puddle.

I started with a cheap pair of rain boots and eventually upgraded to a coveted pair of black Hunter rain boots which I still happily wear today. 

In France, people own rubber rain boots, but they are only worn in the countryside. They’re really seen as country home shoes – meant for trekking through the mud or wet dirt outside the city. 

So what do French girls wear on their feet when it rains in Paris?

The closest solution I’ve seen is they wear patent leather boots that have been treated so they can withstand the water! Otherwise, I see sneakers on the streets of Paris which to me doesn’t feel like a great solution.

Personally, I’m sticking with my fully waterproof, knee-high rain boots – whether they are Parisian or not!

French Rain Boots

You can shop French rain boots from Aigle and Le Chameau.

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