7 French Leather Ankle Boots

French leather ankle boots are my go-to fall and winter shoes in Paris. These everyday French girl boots are perfect for grocery runs, errands, meetings, coffee with friends, and more. They pair easily with jeans or can be dressed up if needed.

Leather Ankle Boots

Since I live in Paris, I shop for my leather ankle boots at shoe stores like Jonak and Carel, but you can find some good pairs of leather booties online if you don’t live in France. Here are my recommendations for French girl ankle boots! 

Ankle boots are one of the French girl shoes that Parisians wear often. This is definitely one pair of shoes worth owning if you’re building a solid French girl wardrobe.

Something I’ve noticed about French ankle boot designs is that the shaft of the boot tends to be a few inches taller than American ankle boots. This makes them perfect for wearing with cropped jeans!

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