10 Best French Spring/Summer Shoes

These French spring/summer shoe essentials are a great place to start when building your capsule shoe collection. 

Living between two countries means I have to constantly keep track of my shoes. My parents have two places in the States, so my shoes are never all together, unfortunately. For this reason, I try to make sure that I have at least the “essential” shoes in my wardrobe with me at all times even if some pairs are older than I would prefer! 

Having to make do with just the basics comes in handy when building your perfect French girl wardrobe, too, for an added benefit! 

So, if you want to get French girl style for your feet, these French spring and summer shoes are a great place to start!

French Girl Spring/Summer Shoes

Here are my essential spring/summer shoes for living in France.

1. Leather Ankle Boots

spring summer shoe essentials by far leather ankle boots

The weather in Paris is unpredictable, and there have been times as late as June or July when I need to wear a pair of boots! Since I don’t want to wear a dark pair of boots in summer, I always make sure I have a great pair of beige or white ankle boots on hand.

My Rouje Lara boots have a small heel which makes them super walkable.

Sadly they’re no longer for sale, but you can get a similar pair from By Far or Jonak, too!

See more French spring boots here.

2. Beige Flats


A good pair of beige flats are always a spring/summer must-have shoe. While I dream of the black-toed Chanel flats, I will settle for a good pair of Repettos in the meantime.

I recently started wearing these brown woven leather Bobbies flats and I can’t get enough of them so those are an option, too. They are more breathable than a standard flat which makes them great for summer!

Miista and Amelie Pichard are two more places to look for great spring/summer flats.

3. Black Flats

margaux black flats

Black flats are year-round French girl shoes essentials, really, so I had to include them on this list!

You can go with matte black or patent black leather, but you must have at least one pair of smart black flats on hand – or should I say, on foot?

Repetto has two models that I would love to own: the classic flat Cendrillon and the slightly heeled Camille version. Both look divine!

The Margaux Demi flats are an affordable yet chic option.

4. Black Sandals


Black sandals are great for pairing with darker summer outfits. You can go with strappy sandals or thick straps, heeled or not, etc.

5. White Strappy Sandals


White strappy sandals are my catch-all summer shoe. They pair well with so many different summer dresses and springtime get-ups!

I have a great pair from & Other Stories.

6. Brown Leather Sandals


For everyday walking in the summer heat, a good pair of brown leather sandals is a staple. The most French ones are made by K.Jacques out of Saint-Tropez, but you can find many similar ones from Jonak and elsewhere.

7. Sneakers


Those of you who watch my Instagram stories know that I really am not a huge sneaker fan, but I’ll mention this one since many of you are.

The French sneaker to buy is definitely Veja Esplar, which has been spotted on actress Marion Cotillard.

8. Cream Espadrilles


It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with ivory espadrilles. This summertime staple is the perfect shoe to pair with jeans, dresses, and more.

I recently wrote a Castañer Carina espadrilles review so you can read more about my thoughts and sizing advice there!

9. Navy Espadrilles


I also keep a pair of navy Castañer espadrilles ready for spring and summer to pair with darker-colored outfits.

I personally go with the lower 60mm heel height because I am tall, but this shoe comes in a taller heel height if you are petite!

Espadrilles have a long history of being fashionable in France.

10. Gold Strappy Heels


Lastly, a set of gold strappy heels are perfect for going out to nice dinners and evening events in the summer!

These are by Jonak.

What are your spring and summer shoe essentials?

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