12 Chic French Sandals for Summer

These French sandals are perfect for strolling around on the hottest days of summer in France. As part of your French girl shoes collection, at least one pair of summer sandals should be ready to go in your closet.

French Sandals

For perfect French girl summer style, go with any of these chic French sandals.

Brown Strappy Sandals

My favorite affordable brown strappy sandals are the K.Jacques Epicure Sandals and the Rondini Sandals, both from France.

Leather Slip-On Sandals

For luxury French sandals, I would go with the YSL Nus Pieds or the Hermès Oran Sandals in brown or black.

Heeled Sandals

Heeled sandals are great for special events, or if you are shorter and prefer to add some height. They’re also perfect for wearing with midi skirts and midi dresses.

Gold Sandals

Gold sandals are chic for day or evening wear.

Black Strappy Sandals

One pair of black strappy sandals is great for summer evening events.

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