5 French Fall/Winter Shoes You Need in Your Closet

I see so many French women who love to use shoes as a statement piece, but there are some “basic” shoe models they always go back to season after season because of their practicality. Here is a list of fall/winter shoe essentials if you’re going for the French style.

Fall/Winter Shoe Essentials

If you want to build a practical French girl shoe collection for the fall and winter seasons, these are the shoes you need to consider. 


A pair of simple beige, brown or black flats are ideal for the early fall season. French ballet flats are my favorite shoes for walking around Paris! 

Brown Block Heels

These types of shoes are great for work or casual daytime meetings. A brown leather block heel has a small heel which makes these shoes walkable and chic.

Leather Ankle Boots

Whether you go with suede or smooth leather, make sure you have a cute pair of black or brown leather ankle boots ready for fall and winter.

Knee-high Boots

French knee-high boots can really elevate your outfit. I started off with a pair of black leather knee-high boots and eventually bought more pairs in different colors. These are some of my favorite shoes to wear during fall and winter!

Black Patent Leather Shoes

For evenings out, be sure to pick up a pair of shiny black patent leather shoes. These will instantly make an outfit look chic and elegant, so I only wear them on special occasions. That being said, I’ve seen some French women wearing them during the day on the street! Depending on how cold it gets in your area, you might go with a pump or boot.

As you can see, boots are a key part of the French girl fall/winter capsule wardrobe. I hope you found this list useful in curating your perfect French wardrobe!

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