5 French Evening Shoes for Nights Out

Whether you’re heading to a French dinner party, a Parisian cocktail hour, or a special occasion, these French evening shoes will ensure that your feet look chic and fabulous. What kinds of evening shoes do French girls wear at night? I live in Paris and that’s what I’m going to share today!

Here are the essential French girl evening shoes to wear when the occasion calls for a dressy outfit. These are the five major types of evening shoes often worn in France. While you don’t need one of each, you should have at least one pair of chic evening shoes as part of your French shoes collection!

Black Pumps

Black pumps are the most basic and essential French evening shoe you should own! These could be low or high heels depending on your preference. I’m tall so I typically go with a medium to low heel for these shoes. 

Ankle Strap Heels

Very French style evening shoes are black ankle strap heels, preferably made of patent leather. I see these all the time in Paris yet almost never in the States! I love this style of shoe and I have two pairs made of shiny black patent leather from Jonak. One has a low 2-inch heel and the other has a higher 4-inch heel.

Black Ankle Boots

For winter evenings in Paris, I have a pair of black patent leather ankle boots. This gives me the same chic look but with better coverage to keep my feet warm. 

Black Strappy Sandals

A pair of black strappy sandals can be great for summer evenings, paired with a chic evening cocktail dress.

Gold Shoes

A pair of gold sandals or pumps make for a great spring evening shoe. Metallic is always a great finish for evening accessories and shoes are no exception!

With these shoes and a chic French evening bag, you’ll be all set for a beautiful night out in Paris!

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