Rouje Jacques Blazer & Lara Boots Outfit

Rouje Jacques Blazer and Lara Boots on Victoria Petersen in Paris, France for French Girl Daily

Back in March, I was invited to a press day by a friend in the middle of Paris – in the second arrondissement, precisely. I knew the Rouje store was not far away so I decided to stop by and take a peek at some items I had been considering for a little while. I ended up purchasing this Jacques blazer in Ecru and the Lara boots in beige leather.

The Jacques blazer is one of the signature jackets by Rouje. It’s slightly oversized and thick enough to be worn and keep you warm in the fall or spring. Each season this jacket is released with new prints and colors so it’s certainly a classic Rouje piece.

I tried on the Albert blazer as well which was so cute and flattering, but in the end, the sales assistant convinced me that the Jacques was the way to go.

I ended up purchasing the size 34, even though I’m usually a 36 because this item is already oversized. I could have definitely gone with the 36 and been happy though. It’s truly your preference as to how “oversize” you want the look to be ! Blazers can be worn a bit baggy or fitted, depending on your style.

Rouje Jacques Blazer and Lara Boots on Victoria Petersen in Paris, France

So far, I am super happy with this jacket. It’s not meant for very cold days, but it’s perfect for slightly chilly spring days. I overlap the front panels when I want to bundle up a little more, but otherwise this jacket is meant to be worn loose and open. It’s the perfect light beige color for spring and will match almost any outfit in your wardrobe. That’s why I love it! I needed a good in-between seasons jacket that would lighten up my darker looks.

The blazer has two lower front pockets on the outside in addition to two inner pockets on the breast of the jacket as most blazers do. I left the outside pockets sewn up to prevent the blazer from losing its shape, but I use the inner pockets often!

Rouje Jacques Blazer and Lara Boots on Victoria Petersen in Paris, France

So now let’s talk about the boots!

J’adore. Seriously, I have been wanting a beige leather pair of boots for such a long time! These boots weren’t cheap BUT they are beautifully made and less expensive than other it-brands like By Far.

I sized up with the boots, taking a 38 instead of my normal 37. I generally prefer to size down when it comes to leather shoes because they always stretch, but with these, because the leather was so thin, I felt like you could see my pinky toe in the 37 and I knew that would only get worse the more I wore them. As you can tell, these boots are THIN and this is coming from someone with narrow feet to begin with.

The heel is quite low making them super walkable but they don’t give me the height that I typically prefer (about 2 inches is my sweet spot as I’m already tall). I have worn them at least 5 times and they are so comfortable and chic! My only complaint is that I think the inner zipper isn’t well done. It works well but aesthetically I don’t like how you can see the small leather strip poking out to cover the zipper. From the front, back, and outer sides, they are beautiful shoes though!

Sadly these boots are no longer available online and the only place you can purchase them is in-store.

I hope you guys like one of my first real spring looks! My jeans are the Rouje Marais jean and the top is from H&M.

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