9 Best Silk Camis for a French Wardrobe

I absolutely love my silk camis. These lightweight undershirts have taken me through so many different occasions. I really can’t get enough of them! I own silk camis in white, black, silver, and champagne gold.

If you love French girl style and want to build a French girl wardrobe, then you definitely need at least one silk cami.

Silk Camis

Silk camis are great for layering beneath blazers or cardigans. If you leave the top buttons of a cozy cashmere cardigan undone, the edge of the cami will show slightly which can be really beautiful, especially if there is lace sewn on the edge.

Silk camis can also be worn on their own during the hot summer months, but only with jeans as they can be quite revealing.

Here is a selection of beautiful silk camis to add to your wardrobe.

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