Le French T-Shirt

How do French girls wear t-shirts? 

T-shirts are one of the most basic items to have in your closet. But are these clothing items even good for French style?

Well, if you ask Jane Birkin, then yes, they are! I always think of the iconic photo of her wearing a white t-shirt, flared blue jeans, and holding her iconic wicker basket bag.

In the winter, long-sleeve t-shirts are great for layering under your wool sweaters.

French T-Shirts


The white t-shirt might be a wardrobe essential commonly associated with American style, but make no mistake, French girls love this easygoing staple, too.

Here are the best French t-shirts to shop for.

Plain white t-shirts, Breton striped t-shirts, graphic tees, and long-sleeve t-shirts are all staples in the French wardrobe!

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