5 French Style Sweaters You Must Own

Sweaters are my go-to piece of clothing all season long from fall to winter, and even into spring. I live in Paris and so I wanted to share 5 types of sweaters that I’m pretty sure all French girls own. These French sweaters will get you through the chilly months in style.

French Girl Sweaters

I always wear my sweaters with a t-shirt underneath so that I can have a barrier between my skin and the sweater. This helps them last longer! I have a fabric shaver to remove any pills that inevitably appear on the surface after some time. Here are a few French knitwear ideas for updating your closet this year. 

Cashmere Sweaters

France has a number of amazing cashmere brands which make amazing French cashmere sweaters. Eric Bompard, Not Shy, and Kujten are a few of my favorites. Cashmere sweaters are super soft and one of my favorite materials to wear.

Cable Knit Sweaters

I came across the most beautiful affordable French style wool sweaters last year and I still wear them today. Cable knit sweaters are the ultimate winter sweater option. They are thicker than normal sweaters, so they keep you extra warm. 

Merino Wool Sweaters

For warmer fall days, I turn to merino wool sweaters which are thinner than cashmere or cable-knit sweaters, yet still provide the warmth you need. I came across a beautiful orange-gold 100% merino wool sweater from Comptoir des Cotonniers in Paris recently, but previously I’ve found some great ones at Gap! 

Turtleneck Sweaters

The turtleneck sweater is a classic in the French girl wardrobe. It could be chunky for extra coziness or it could be fitted for a more sophisticated and sleek look. Whatever you choose, the turtleneck sweater means you don’t have to wear a scarf (and risk losing it, like I always do)!

Austrian Cardigans

Austrian cardigans are a piece of clothing I discovered since moving to Paris via the French vintage clothing shop Imparfaite. These gorgeous cardigans are often embroidered with flowers and other pretty feminine designs. I see them on women sitting in cafes and walking around Paris all the time! 

What are the essential French sweaters in your closet?

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