Fleuron Mini Swann Bag

After my visit to the Fleuron Paris store, it was so hard to decide which one of the beautiful handbags I wanted. I decided on two: the Medium Swann bag in Cobalt blue and the Mini Swann bag in a bright pink fuschia color!

I couldn’t be happier with my Fleuron Swann bags. They are so lovely and a joy to carry around all day.

The Medium and Mini Swann bags both fit so much of my stuff! I’m always surprised at just how much can go in.

Fleuron mini vs medium swann bag review IMG_1684

Here is how I styled my fuschia Mini Swann bag in Paris!

Fleuron mini swann bag paris IMG_1993
Fleuron swann bag IMG_1845
Fleuron swann bag review IMG_1755
Fleuron mini swann bag review IMG_2004

Merci Fleuron!

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