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Dragon Diffusion is a leather handbag company that for the longest time was shrouded in mystery. The brand didn’t have an Instagram account or even a website to browse until recently. The only way to procure one of these woven leather bags was through an authorized retailer like Matches Fashion

I first discovered the brand through Jeanne Damas who has several of these woven leather handbags in brown and burgundy. I recently bought one of the chic Dragon Diffusion handbags and wanted to share my thoughts in case you’re considering buying one.

Dragon Diffusion_IMG_7118

About Dragon Diffusion

Dragon Diffusion is based in Brussels, Belgium, and has a workshop factory in India, where skilled leather artisans make each bag using traditional techniques. The operation is run by Craig Wright. Each bag can take as long as 2 days to complete.

My Dragon Diffusion Woven Bag

I personally love my Dragon Diffusion handbag. My camel bag is made of woven leather and has two short handles and a wide-open top. It’s great for my morning trips to the boulangerie where I can hold several croissants, a sandwich, and my wallet safely in the bag.

Since the bag is quite open, I don’t use it when I’m going to different places in Paris. I’ve just heard too many stories about pickpockets so I don’t want to risk it by carrying an open handbag. 

However, it’s perfect for running errands when you actually do need an open-top bag so that taller items can stick out. 

The leather does stretch slightly over time, so I try to keep things in the bag when it’s not in use so it will hold its shape. If I don’t, the lower corners will sag down due to the weight of the upper leather.

Dragon Diffusion is a great European brand to turn to if you’re looking to add to your French girl handbag collection!

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