15 Best French Wallets

If you’re searching for your next portefeuille, then these French wallets for women are great pieces. I love reaching for my wallet and feeling the smooth leather on my hands. Opening it up and easily finding my cards or cash makes the experience all the more practical.

The long bifold wallet is the most popular choice if you have a lot of cards and papers to carry in your wallet. If you need to save receipts, this large wallet is a good choice for you.

If you only have a few cards and some cash to carry, then you might prefer a smaller folding wallet.

If you prefer to only go out with just the essentials and you can’t be bothered with cash, then a small cardholder wallet may be all you need! I personally only take a small cardholder out with me in the evening.

French Wallets

Here are my French wallet recommendations. Each of these French girl wallets has been selected due to its practicality, durability, and style.

A wallet is just one of the many French girl accessories you need for a complete wardrobe.

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