Polène Numero Un Micro Bag

I finally got my first micro bag by the French brand Polène. Here are the details on what I keep in my black Polène Numero Un Micro Bag and how I style it!

I took my little Polène Micro bag to Nice with me this summer. As you can see, it has an adjustable crossbody strap which I tightened to the tightest loops so I could wear it close to my body. I didn’t want it flapping around, so I prefer it tightly wound.

Polène Numero Un Micro Bag

The Micro bag looks cute next to my niçoise salad, doesn’t it?

Polène Numero Un Micro Bag in Nice, France

So, what actually fits in the Polène micro bag? I use this bag to carry some daily essentials like my credit card, some cash, a hair clip, the Bioderma Atoderm lip balm, and my Chanel lipstick.

It obviously doesn’t fit my phone, so I either hold it in my hand or keep it in my pocket when using this bag.

Polène Numero Un Micro Bag

The leather has a grain texture and it’s quite shiny. So this Micro bag could be perfect for an evening out when you don’t want to carry a larger or more expensive evening bag.

Here are some stills from a Reels I shared about the bag!

black Polène Numero Un Micro Bag
Polène Numero Un Micro Bag

I have to admit, they’re not the most practical bags, but they do look very cute when you wear them!

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