9 Best French Belts for Women

Belts are a great way to highlight your waist or provide a finishing touch to your outfit. I moved to Paris a few years ago and since then, I started wearing a lot more belts than before!

Belts are one of the French girl accessories you must have in your wardrobe if you do not already.

At a minimum, you should own at least one brown leather belt and one black leather belt. Try to go for a belt with a warm brushed brass metal buckle. Avoid shiny gold and silver buckles as these are no longer in style.

French Belts

While belts are typically worn through the belt loops in our jeans or pants, the French like to wear them other ways as well! Belts can be used to highlight your waist with different clothing items. Belts can be worn over blazers, coats, dresses, and even skirts.

Here are a few French girl style belts you should consider buying for your closet.

I hope you found a French girl belt from this list that suits your style. There are so many ways to style this versatile fashion accessory. It’s a great investment piece if you have the means.

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