5 French Style Hats

Today I want to talk about hats and where they fit in with French style. For decades, maybe even centuries, people wore hats in Europe as a sign of class and respect. The question is: do the French wear hats? Are they still in style? 

Yes! Hats are still a chic French girl accessory that everyone owns.

French Hats

There are a few French hats to purchase if you’re looking for new headwear. I personally like hats for a few reasons. They shield my eyes from the sun and they keep my head warm. Here are a few French hats to keep in mind if you want to up your headgear game! 

Maison Michel Hats

Maison Michel is the premier luxury French hatmaker to know. Since 1936, Maison Michel creates many different hat designs each season but I really adore their fedora hats – a wide brim wool hat. 

Laulhère Berets

Since 1840, Laulhère has been the premier French beret maker. If you want a classic French beret, this is the brand to buy from! Maison Laulhère hats are still made in France.

Saint Laurent Newsboy Caps

I saw French model Gabrielle Caunesil wearing a black newsboy cap on her YouTube channel and ever since then I’ve been dying to get my hands on one. The black Saint Laurent Newsboy Cap looks like a chic French hat if you ask me!

Straw Hats

The French love wearing straw hats to the beach in the summer – just like they love straw tote bags! 

French Baseball Caps

Believe it or not, American baseball caps have made their way into French fashion. With the athleisure trend going strong around the world, France has also succumbed to the streetwear trend. Celine makes very cool minimal baseball caps. Here are the French designer baseball caps to shop.

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