7 Wicker Bags for Summer

These wicker bags for summer are French girl approved and perfect for toting around your daily essentials all season long. 

The basket bag trend is strong, even outside France, but somehow it feels distinctly French if you ask me. Ever since Jane Birkin popularized using a Portuguese-made wicker basket as a handbag, people around the world have associated wicker bags with France.

Today you can find quite a few brands that offer basket bags or woven bags made from wicker or leather. I love bags made of wicker as they really add a handmade touch to many of my outfits.

I own several of them in different sizes and styles. I prefer the more minimalist style wicker bags but you can find embellished ones too. Here are a few wicker bags to keep an eye on if you want to get one for yourself. I think each of these wicker bags is perfect for getting French girl summer style à la Jane Birkin.

Wicker Bags

Even though it’s not French, I think the Marni Wicker Woven Crossbody Bag is just so gorgeous. 

The French Patou Woven Bucket Bag is on the small side but was featured in a recent Vogue France video starring Jeanne Damas. 

Heimat Atlantica, Sparrows Weave, and Wicker Wings are three brands to watch that make unique wicker bags!

Wicker bags are amazing additions to your French girl handbags collection.

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