15 Best French Handbag Brands

France has a long history of high-quality craftsmanship and French handbags are one of the many coveted products by people around the world. The French savoir-faire is a tradition carried on by many contemporary French handbag brands, some of which are probably new to you! These French handbag designers are great options if you want to pick up a beautiful souvenir from France, or you just want to own a French girl handbag that no one else you know will have!

What’s great about these brands is that they’re much more affordable than the French luxury brands that are often associated with France. Most of these handbags will cost you well below $500.

Best French Handbag Brands - Polène Numéro Sept Terre de Sienne
Polène Numéro Sept Terre de Sienne

French Handbag Brands

I chose brands that feature handbags as their primary product. You can definitely purchase some beautiful handbags from these contemporary French fashion brands, too, but I always prefer to shop with brands that really focus on a specific craft.

Amélie Pichard
Olivia Clergue
Ateliers Auguste
Leo and Violette
Céline Lefebure
Camille Vost
Rue de Verneuil
Le Tanneur

Best French Handbag Brands - Polène Number Seven Bag Terre de Sienne

Luxury French Handbag Brands

If you’re looking for a luxury French handbag from a brand with a storied background and history, then these iconic French bag brands will surely be where you turn for classic French accessory craftsmanship: 

  • Longchamp: the Pliage bag is one I use faithfully (read my review)
  • Hermès: From the Kelly to the Birkin, Hermès bags remain iconic
  • Chanel: the 2.55 bag remains timeless since it was created in 1955
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  1. As a Goyard aficionado, and someone who buys a new Goyard as a souvenir every trip to Paris, I am surprised you have left them off your list of French luxury handbag brands, especially as they control all manufacturing in house, and all of it occurs in France (I believe their workshops are in Carcassonne or thereabouts).

  2. Hey @FrenchGirlDaily like your article and blog on French fashion. As for the bags could you please share more photos of the various designs? Merci.

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