12 French Models with Amazing Style

You may have seen these French models gracing your favorite designer’s imagery (like Reformation or Rouje). But these French models do more than just show off clothes for it-girl-approved designers – they rock the best looks on their own time.

French Models with Amazing Style

Here are the top French models we can’t resist following for their incredible sense of style!

French Models

Louise Follain | @louisefollain

Louise is a French model represented by Ford. With full lips, straight brown hair and messy bangs, her look epitomizes french girl style. She frequently travels to the United States and so we love that her style has a hipster American vibe to it!

Michaela Thomsen | @thomsenmichaela

Michaela Thomsen is a French model with Scandinavian origins – in case her platinum blonde hair didn’t make it obvious. She grew up in the south of France, and quickly found success as a model, working for Reformation, Rouje, and other it-girl approved brands. While she doesn’t post on Instagram super often, she has recently launched a beauty line called Thomsen Beauty.

Eleonore Toulin | @eleonoretoulin

With a love for film photography and a group of friends worthy of an indie film, Eleonore Toulin has a small but loyal following on Instagram, where she shares her daily life and travels. Her casual chic French style includes lots of oversized sweaters, midi skirts and vintage jeans.

Gabrielle Caunesil | @gabriellecaunesil

Gabrielle Caunesil is a born and bred Parisienne model. She is so much more than a model though – she’s an inspirational influencer who promotes healthy workouts (#TrainLikeGC) and body positivity. Her style is never boring and has a tinge of Italian flair – her husband is Italian, after all!

Prune Pauchet | @prunepcht

You will fall in love with Prune’s French style, short brown bob, and big eyes. When she isn’t modeling for Rouje or Sezane, you can find her showing off unique pieces from independent vintage shops.

Lena Simonne | @lena.simonne

I discovered Lena from her Rouje campaigns and followed her immediately for her casual Parisian style. From printed florals to vintage sweaters, Lena’s French look is one to keep an eye on.

Solange Smith | @solangesmith

Solange Smith has an enviable Paris lifestyle. As one of the top new faces in Paris, she’s worked with prestigious publications like Harper’s Bazaar. Her high-low Instagram style gives us major inspiration how to dress down a Chanel tweed jacket for example. With a Malaysian mother and a French father, her look is incredibly unique.

Alexandra Ricci | @riccialexandra

Whether exiting the metro or a Parisian apartment building, Alexandra Ricci always exudes effortless chic. We’re also super envious of her modelesque blonde waves and wide set eyes.

Zoia Mossour | @zoiamossour

With her dark brown hair and piercing eyes Zoia is a French model whose photos always catch our eye. From a red t-shirt to an oversized jean jacket, Zoia knows how to elevate her everyday basics.

Chloe Lecareux | @chloelecareux

Chloe Lecareux is a French model who loves fashion so much she became a designer and launched her own brand. She created the label Bleu de Vous under which she manufactures jean jackets from recycled plastic bottles.

Adèle Farine | @adelefarine

With her full-lipped pout and long blonde hair, Adèle’s look is quite unique in a sea of French brunettes. We love looking to her for French vintage style inspiration. In between shots of her looks, you can also find the art that inspires her.

Clementine Desseaux | @bonjourclem

As the first French plus-size model, Clementine Desseaux shows us that French girl style isn’t limited to tiny figures.

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  1. The french style is really beautiful. I think this style should be a trend in America. Thanks for this great list.

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