15 French Fashion Influencers to Copy for Effortless Parisian Style

I don’t feature all of the most popular French fashion influencers on Instagram because there’s a special kind of casual chic look that I really love. I’m more fascinated with a new type of French influencer: the casual-chic, effortless look.

In Paris, a new Instagram trend has emerged and can be summed up as street style with no filter. In the United States, Instagram influencers tend to shoot posed shots with professional cameras and then heavily edit them in Photoshop.

In Paris, there is a small but passionate group of French style influencers shooting natural looks on their iPhones, editing them very minimally, and posting directly to Instagram. Their shots are often completely candid, and while they probably do pay attention to the lighting, most everything about their posts is totally natural.

The clothes they wear are mostly casual-chic – lots of vintage jeans, plaid blazers, and leather boots, and while their outfits are beautiful, they aren’t flashy or overly coordinated. It’s likely you wouldn’t even notice them on the street because they’re just so effortless. Personally, this is the French girl style I love most!

The trend has spread beyond Paris, with girls sharing their iPhone street-style shots from greater France, Europe, and Russia. I have yet to find a United States-based influencer sharing these types of shots, but please let me know if there is one you know of in the comments!

French Style Influencers

I find it fascinating that this casual-chic style has gained so much popularity on Instagram so I decided to share with you the 15 accounts I think you should follow and see if it appeals to you. I also regularly feature our favorite looks from these accounts on my FGD Instagram account. This influencer list features the major well-known Parisian style influencers, but stay tuned for a list featuring the lesser-known up-and-coming French style influencers, too!

1. Jeanne Damas | @jeannedamas

Jeanne Damas is the original casual-chic French fashion influencer who pioneered the popularity of effortless French fashion in the 21st century. While other French bloggers had carefully pieced together outfits, Jeanne gained a following by sharing candid photographs of her and her friends having fun in Paris. She didn’t even use a professional camera the way most bloggers did! With over 1 million followers, she is well-known for her full-lipped pout and sixties-style bangs.

2. Sabina Socol | @sabinasocol

Sabina Socol started out in the publishing world, as the social editor of L’Officiel. Soon enough, she gained popularity for posting unfiltered looks of herself in Paris and went freelance with her career. She often used a film camera to document her style, a practice she still keeps up to this day. She is frequently compared to Brigitte Bardot for her curvy frame and blonde locks.

3. Victoria Petersen | @victoriaptrsn

You can definitely give yours truly a follow for my (American) take on the French girl style. I moved to Paris several years ago and since then, I’ve been obsessed with discovering new brands, French girl outfits, and how to master the Parisian style when you’re not French!

4. Leia Sfez | @leiasfez

Leia Sfez is a Paris-based business owner who gained a following by launching a legging business for babies called Diapers & Milk. Though she no longer promotes the business, she has gained a strong Instagram following for her minimal chic French style. Many of her looks are quite simple featuring straight-leg jeans, in blue, white, or black. She tends to purchase statement pieces like shoes or handbags which stand out the most!

5. Juny | @junybreeze

Beauty Juny Breeze shares her love for vintage clothing on her Instagram. She loves colorful outfits and feminine silhouettes. I’m always so inspired!

6. Pia | @pia_mbd

Pia has rapidly gained a passionate following for her Parisian hipster outfits and love for sustainable brands. With a penchant for supporting local designers, the Parisian native has a serious style. Around half of her posts are lifestyle shots, and you can get some great tips on where to eat and shop in Paris by following her account.

7. Monica de la Villardière | @monicaainleydlv

This Canadian has taken Paris by storm. Formerly known as Monica Ainley, Monica is a Canadian ex-pat journalist who couldn’t resist the charm of Parisian style – and stayed in Paris after her studies were finished. Monica is a friend of Camille Charrière, but has found her own following in posting effortless street-style looks in Paris.

8. Camille Yolaine | @camilleyolaine

Camille Yolaine has a passion for vintage film photography and makeup. She shares her love for vintage clothing on her Instagram, often working with other creative fashion photographers in Paris to create dreamy shots. She recently launched her own makeup brand called Yolaine, to much success!

9. Léanne Ansar | @leanneansar

A French woman in New York or an American in France? Léanne is both! This is one of my favorite French influencers who really brings the best of both worlds – the US and France – to her creative Instagram feed.

10. Elisabeth Bento | @elisabethbento_

For all you moms out there, this is the account for you. Elisabeth is a former model and fashion editor with amazing French style. The Parisian loves wearing on-trend clothing that makes her look beautiful everyday. It goes to show how good style is truly timeless!

11. Elborn Doris | @elborn_doris

This cool Korean loves French fashion and shares her take on the Parisian style often. Elborn Doris is an influencer and fashion designer who shares her looks as an expat in Paris. She tends to wear long wool wrap coats, cozy knits, and oversized sunglasses. Her café-casual looks and Parisian street style are enviable, to say the least!

12. Julie Sergent Ferreri | @juliesfi

If you live in a warm climate, then you need to follow Julie, who shares the most beautiful south of France outfits on her Instagram every week.

13. Emmanuelle | @emmanuellek_

Emmanuelle is a tall and feminine style French fashion influencer. I love her elegant wardrobe filled with designer pieces.

14. Mathilde Favier | @mathildefavier

Mathilde is head of international PR at Christian Dior. She regularly works with international celebrities, but I love how she shares an inside look into her life as a Parisian mom with a full-time job. Her style is on-point and gives me so much inspiration!

15. Daria | @dzabello

Daria is a new mom who has been living in Paris for the last few years. She shares her daily life and views from her gorgeous balcony often!

Who are your favorite French style influencers?

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