3 Parisian Fall Outfits to Wear in Paris this Autumn

Heading to Paris this fall and wondering what to wear? These Parisian fall outfits are perfect for autumn days strolling along the Seine river or lounging at a Parisian café watching the leaves fall down onto the cobblestone street. 

In case you didn’t know, I live in Paris and re-did my wardrobe several years back to be more Parisian chic. I call one of the most fashionable districts in Paris home (Le Marais) so I get a firsthand look at what real Parisian women are wearing today. 

Parisian Fall Outfits

Here is your practical guide on how to dress like a Parisian in fall

Parisian Fall Outfits
Parisian Fall Outfits
Parisian Fall Outfits

From cozy knits to fall coats, make sure you have the Parisian fall wardrobe essentials you need to dress like a Parisian this autumn!

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