5 French Beachwear Essentials

Don’t leave for vacation without these French beachwear essentials. If you’re heading to the beach in France and want to arrive like a parisienne, these beachwear items will make sure you’re fully prepared.

French Beachwear

I am an American living in Paris who has summered at many French beaches and these are my French beachwear essentials for trips to the beach in France. I love the Mediterranean coast for swimming, but I also have lots of fun on the sandy beaches of Biarritz, France. Either way, these are the essentials I always bring with me to the beach in France!


The first thing I pack for a trip to the beach in France is obviously my swimsuit! If it’s still not super hot, or early summer, then I make sure I have a French one-piece swimsuit. If it’s the middle of summer and I know it’ll be super hot, then I pack a French bikini.

There are lots of amazing French swim brands, but my current favorite is Eres, one of the oldest swimwear companies in France. They make really cute minimalist swimsuits that the coolest French girls are wearing. 

Read more about the most popular French swimsuit styles to learn more. 

Straw Tote Bag

I always make sure to bring along a large straw tote bag, also called the French market basket, for me to carry my beach essentials like sunglasses and sunscreen.


A coverup is great for bringing to the beach in case I have to run errands right after my swim or I want to have lunch at a restaurant. 

Flip Flops

Even though I love wearing leather sandals in summer, white or black flip-flops are a much better option for heading to the beach.

Straw Hat

A cute straw hat is the perfect way to shield my face from the sun. Protecting my face from harmful UV rays is super important and a straw hat is very French chic. 

Bon voyage and enjoy your French beach day!

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