French vs. American Beauty

It goes without saying that there is a big difference between French vs. American beauty. As an American living in Paris, I have certainly noticed the difference between the way French girls do their makeup and the way Americans do! Of course, all this comes down to the fact that French and American beauty standards are quite different. It makes sense that their everyday makeup routines should differ as well!

French vs. American Beauty

Let’s talk about a few of the key French vs. American beauty differences I’ve seen since moving to Paris.


French women aren’t as obsessed with physical imperfections the way that Americans are. What I love about France is how open the French are to different types of beauty


Americans love to contour, but French girls couldn’t care less about this American beauty preference. It’s simply way too much effort and changes your appearance too much for their taste.


Americans love wearing eyeliner on a daily basis, but in France, it’s only a nightlife makeup tool. 


Americans love wearing thick foundations every day, but French girls rarely wear this type of makeup! Instead, they opt for lightweight tinted moisturizers to even out their skin tone. 


French girls take skincare way more seriously than American girls who tend to prioritize their makeup routine.

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