19 French Beauty Secrets for Women of All Ages

Ever wonder why Parisians and French women look so good? It could have something to do with the French beauty secrets that are passed down through the generations of women who live in this very old European country.

French Beauty Secrets

I am an American living in Paris and these are the French beauty secrets I’ve picked up on since moving here several years ago. If you’re intrigued by French girl beauty, then these beauty secrets will help pull back some of the mystery behind the effortless glow so many French women have.

Mind Your Diet

The first French beauty secret that most women around the world aren’t aware of is that your diet heavily influences your skin’s beauty. French women know that eating healthy gives them glowing skin and shiny hair. That’s why they integrate whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet as often as they can. You are what you eat, after all. Learn more about the French girl diet to improve your appearance, too. 

Drink Red Wine

Those boozy Parisian dinners might be beneficial for your health after all! Drinking red wine on the regular has some surprising health benefits and anti-aging results. With antioxidants and polyphenols, red wine can be your best friend when it comes to reducing inflammation within your body. It also stops acne-causing bacteria, fights free radicals, and promotes heart health. I can certainly santé to that! 

Stay Ultra Hydrated

Not only do French girls drink loads more water than Americans, but they also use fancy French facial mists to keep their faces hydrated with mineral-rich French spring water during the summer. The Avène Eau Thermale Facial Mist is a bestselling French hydrating facial spray.

Finish Your Showers Cold

Since warm water strips the skin’s natural oils away, French girls finish their showers with a blast of cold water. Not only does it boost the immune system, but it also has incredible effects on the hair and skin.

Start with Skincare

The secret to French girl beauty undoubtedly lies in prioritizing skincare over makeup. France has dozens of bestselling miracle skincare products that women around the world covet. French girls rely on having healthy, clear skin as a foundation for their beauty routine. 

Ask For Advice

Another French beauty secret is that French women aren’t shy about asking for skincare advice. The thousands of French pharmacies across the country are run by knowledgeable pharmacists who can advise you on the best skincare products for your skin type – all without an advanced appointment! 

Wash Your Face with Micellar Water

Since tap water in Paris can be especially hard and drying for the skin, a lot of French women have begun washing their faces with French micellar water. Not only does this solution effectively remove makeup, but it also gently cleanses the face without irritating the skin. 

Don’t Freak Out About Wrinkles

French women don’t fret about wrinkles the way Americans do. Just look at the latest French movie and you’ll see that the French don’t inject and fill their way around wrinkles. Aging is perfectly normal in France and while women take steps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles using anti-aging creams, they rarely do anything too drastic like facelifts. 

Do Simple Makeup

You’ll rarely meet a French girl with a complicated 10-step makeup routine. Instead, French women pick a handful of makeup products that they like and stick with those for years. Often, they pick one element on their face to highlight like their eyes or lips. A simple, everyday French makeup routine might include concealer, tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lipstick. 

Wear a Bold Red Lip

The secret to getting a bold French red lip is to find a color that suits you and apply it with your finger to give it a more natural-looking application. I learned that in an old Jeanne Damas video I watched on YouTube! However, in practice, I don’t like having lipstick on my finger afterward, so instead, I apply lipstick by dabbing it on my lips instead of swiping it. I get the same effect without the mess on my finger. 

Keep Your Look ‘Undone’

Another secret to French girl beauty is that women often look very ‘undone’ in their appearance. Maybe they leave one button on their shirt unbuttoned or they have some hair strands out of place. French beauty is all about avoiding looking too perfect. 

Wash Your Hair Less

French women don’t wash their hair every day. Instead, they use dry shampoo to give their hair volume and absorb excess oil. Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk is a natural and gentle French dry shampoo that works great for cleaning your hair without water. It’s a best-selling French pharmacy product you must try!

Hydrate It More

On the other hand, French women pay extra attention to hydrating their hair, especially the ends. From hair masks to leave-in conditioners, there are lots of amazing French haircare products that are adored by Parisians. 

Don’t Over-Style Your Hair

Hairspray isn’t a thing in France. The secret to getting that French je ne sais quoi is in leaving your hair as natural and unstyled as possible. 

Find a Great Perfume

French women find a signature scent and stick with it for years. Whether you go with the classic elegant Chanel No. 5 or the more edgy Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium perfume, find a French perfume that works for you and wear it every day.

These French perfume brands will give you plenty of chic options.

Practice Self-Care

From eating healthy to buying fresh flowers, the French have a natural way of practicing self-care. Sunday is a national day of rest in France, when most boutiques and restaurants are closed, so the French often reserve this day for taking care of themselves mentally and physically before beginning a new week. It effortlessly fits in with the French lifestyle!

Get Light Exercise

The French do not rely on cars as much as Americans do. This has to do with the city planning established centuries ago before cars existed, of course, but the tradition of walking continues to this day. The French get light exercise through walking around the centre ville of their city or town as well as climbing up the stairs in their building since elevators didn’t exist when most of them were built! Opt to walk to your next destination like a French woman would instead of taking the metro or a taxi to keep yourself in shape! 

Enjoy the Sun but Protect Your Skin

The French love soaking up the sun in summer, but they are adamant about protecting their skin with proper French sunscreen whenever it’s exposed. Luckily France has some of the most amazing sunscreens which are specially formulated for use on the face, lips, or body depending on that day’s needs.

Take Pleasure in Beauty

Lastly, one of the most important French beauty secrets is to take pleasure in your own personalized beauty routine. From beautiful bottles to eye-catching tubes, the French adore the beauty process. In French culture, pleasure can be found in everyday life and beauty is no exception!

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