7 Essential Pants for a French Wardrobe

I used to hate shopping for pants. They’re such a pain to get right. After all, we all have different hip to waist ratios, and some of us are more straight than curvy. While ready-to-wear clothing has been an amazing advancement for society, I think it really falls short when it comes to pants.

In any case, pants are obviously a wardrobe staple and when you find the right ones (after trying on what seems like hundreds), they can really make your outfit stunning!

When it comes to French girl style, the pants you see most often are tailored and slightly loose. Super skinny pants are out and relaxed leg pants are in. I’ve selected the best French girl pants for you to shop below, no matter where you live. 

French Girl Pants

Here are the types of pants that every French girl owns. If you are building your French wardrobe, keep an eye out for these styles of pants that Parisians love!

Tailored Black Pants

Tailored black pants are the first basic pair of pants you should own. A simple straight leg is currently in style. The pant leg should be long and loose; not skin tight but not too wide either.

Beige Cotton/Linen Pants

For spring, a pair of light neutral-colored cotton or linen pants are a must. Whether you go with beige or cream, be sure to have a pair of these springtime pants in your closet!

Corduroy Pants

Corduroy pants are my go-to fall pants. I own them in several different colors and styles. They’re great everyday pants for creating casual-chic outfits. 

Wool Pants

Whether they are checkered print, houndstooth, or plaid, every French girl owns a pair of chic wool pants to wear in winter!

Black Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are typically not a part of the French girl wardrobe, but black skinny jeans are the exception! These can be worn with knee-high leather boots which is why they’re great for your fall/winter French wardrobe.

I love the Jagger jean by Anine Bing.


It’s good to have a few pairs of jeans in different washes to wear throughout the year. French girls love wearing vintage Levi’s 501 jeans, straight-leg jeans, and even wide-leg jeans. Jeans are universally flattering if you ask me!

Black Leather Pants

Black leather pants are great for evenings out during winter. They instantly upgrade your outfit and can be dressed up pretty easily with an elegant silk top, for example. You can go with leather leggings like these by Givenchy or leather pants.

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