5 French Style Winter Coats

It’s colder than ever here in Paris. The other week, it only got above freezing for a few hours in the afternoon. There’s been a layer of snow on the ground that I can see from my window for the last week or so. It’s so rare to see the snow actually stick to the ground in Paris. It typically melts within a day. That’s how cold it’s been! 

The one thing I absolutely need in my French winter wardrobe to survive is a good coat!

French Girl Winter Coats

Dressing for winter is always tough, but these coats will help you get chic French winter style.

A good winter coat is a must for getting through these cold winter days so I thought I would share a few French style winter coats that I see often on the streets of Paris. Here are my Parisian winter coat suggestions!

Camel Wool Coat

By far, the most common type of winter coat I see in Paris is the beige or camel wool wrap coat. It doesn’t have to be a wrap coat, but I find this particular winter coat style so chic. Beige and camel are colors that go with just above everything making this shade a perfect go-to winter coat choice. This type of wool coat is often long, coming down to the knees or below. 

Perhaps the Parisians want to match those famous beige buildings? Hmmm…

Wool Button-up Coat

Next up, is the long navy or black button-up wool coat. I have this style of coat in navy personally, and I also have a black wool coat for nights out. This is the darker version of a basic wool coat. For those who forgot, I love having similar wardrobe pieces in both a light and dark shade!

Puffer Coat

The puffer coat, or doudoune, as the French say, isn’t a coat that gets worn every day, but only on the chilliest of days – or during a ski trip to the Alps! I have a simple puffer coat in white, but I’d like to invest in a proper French Moncler or Fusalp coat one day soon.

Shearling Coat

I often see vintage shearling coats in Paris. This kind of coat could also be a teddy coat, or a faux sheepskin coat. It’s often in a beige or brown color with wool on the edges and seams.

Faux Fur Coat

Lastly, a faux fur coat is a must for Parisian nights out and chilly days! I think faux fur coats add a dash of sophistication to an outfit, but on the other hand, they do attract a bit more attention than I’d prefer! 

These coats are perfect for your French girl outerwear collection. Which one of these French girl winter coats is your favorite?

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