10 French Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Whether you’re spending the winter in France or you just want to dress like a French girl this winter, these are the French winter wardrobe essentials you need to have in your closet!

If you want to get French girl style this winter, you’ll need to know about a few chic French winter brands to build out your winter wardrobe. These companies are well known for creating some of the best French winter fashion. Each of them has something unique to offer when it comes to your wardrobe.

French Girl Winter Wardrobe

These are the top French winter wardrobe pieces to shop for when it starts getting chilly outside! 

Wool Wrap Coats

In France, cozy wool wrap coats are a popular outerwear choice. These winter coats will keep you super warm and stylish at the same time. Max Mara is the preferred brand, though many other designers have produced their own version of this luxurious winter coat.

Wool Blazers

Believe it or not, it doesn’t get as cold as it does in the States in France during winter. For the warmer winter days, a wool blazer is sufficient.

Puffer Coats

If you’re heading to the mountains, be sure to wear a chic French puffer coat to stay warm. Puffer coats, or doudounes in French, can definitely work in the French girl aesthetic! Go with a puffer coat that is typically minimalist in design. 

Ski Jackets

If you’re going skiing this winter, then be sure to purchase a quality ski jacket from one of the leading French ski clothing brands, all of which have recently done collaborations with leading French luxury fashion brands to create ski clothing that is both functional and chic!

Cashmere Sweaters

Cozy cashmere sweaters are a must for all French women. Try the luxury cashmere brand Éric Bompard if you are in France. 

Wool Sweaters

French girls always have a small collection of wool sweaters for wintertime. These can be worn with jeans, wool pants, or even skirts in winter. 

Ski Sweaters

Heading to the Alps? Even if you aren’t, cozy French girl ski sweaters are perfect for embracing the French winter style. With a classic Fair Isle motif sweater, you can’t go wrong for French après-ski style!

Wool Pants

At least one pair of wool pants in black or cream is great to have in your French winter wardrobe. 

Thick Black Leggings

Thick black leggings are essential for wearing underneath pants on the coldest of French winter days! If they’re really thick, they can be worn on their own with boots and a long sweater, or if they are thin, you can wear them as an insulating layer under your pants.

Leather Ankle Boots

French girls wear leather ankle boots very often in wintertime. These are great everyday shoes to rely on to keep your feet warm as you go about your day! I have a pair of these boots in black and brown. 

Do you have all of these French girl winter wardrobe essentials in your closet?

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