How to Get French Winter Style

Winter is definitely the hardest season to dress for in Paris – but in this post, I’m going to share my best tips on how to get French girl winter style.

It’s difficult to look chic when it’s freezing outside, but it is possible with a few good French styling tips. I live in Paris and I’ve picked up a thing or two about French girl style during my winters in France.

How Do French Women Dress in Winter? 

French women look chic no matter what the occasion or season it is! Before I share my French winter style tips, it’s important to understand the French girl fashion philosophy when it comes to putting together outfits and creating a French inspired wardrobe.

  • Timeless Style: French girls prefer to shop for pieces that are timeless. They don’t pay much attention to trends, and prefer to go with long-lasting pieces. Instead, they build a closet of wardrobe basics and work on outfits from there. 
  • Warm Fabrics: Dressing for winter means choosing clothing made of thick fabrics like wool, cashmere, and angora. 
  • Neutral Colors: French girls like to stick to a neutral color base when it comes to their foundational wardrobe pieces. Colors like beige, white, and black are key to nailing French girl winter style.

French Girl Winter Style

Ok, let’s talk about what to wear in France in winter, or at least how to dress like a French girl in winter no matter where you live! These are the clothing essentials for your French girl winter wardrobe.

Layer Up

When it comes to French winter style, the first thing to do is layer up! Undershirts, sweaters, and coats are all layers you need to brave the cold in France. 

Get Your Puffer Coat Ready

Think French girls don’t wear puffer coats? Think again. Whether you’re skiing in the French Alps or walking the cobblestone streets of Paris, a chic puffer coat is a must for French girl winter style. 

Try Ultra Warm Black Leggings

Black leggings are a great underlayer to wear with pants, or if they’re thick enough, you can wear them on their own with knee-high boots and a long wool coat. 

Faux Fur is Chic

French girls love chic faux fur coats and wear them often in winter. 

Shearling is a Winning Fabric

Shearling coats are very much in style in France. These neutral coats are great for keeping warm while looking stylish. I love this Sandro one.

Wool is a Must

Wool sweaters, skirts, and pants are all French winter wardrobe essentials. Wool is the best material for keeping extra warm during the cold French winters.

Tights Under Dresses

Wearing tights under dresses is a great way to look chic while staying warm. I love wearing dresses year-round, but it definitely gets tough in the winter. The best way to wear a dress in winter is with tights and knee-high boots! Finding a good pair of tights that won’t rip is tough but there are a few good European options.

French Winter Shoes

These are the key French girl winter shoes to own.

Black Leather Knee-High Boots

Black leather knee-high boots can come in handy when you want to look presentable yet stay warm in winter.

Ankle Boots

Leather ankle boots are an everyday French girl shoe to wear during winter.

Snow Boots

If you’re heading into the French Alps, a good pair of quality snow boots is a must!

French Winter Bags & Accessories

Here are the French girl winter handbags and winter accessories to have in your wardrobe.

Scarves Are Your Friend

At least one thick wool scarf is a must in the French winter wardrobe. I have them in several colors but at least one dark and one light are ideal. 

Shearling Handbags

Shearling handbags are very on-trend in Paris.

French Gloves

French gloves by leather glovemaker Agnelle are a smart choice for keeping your hands warm in winter.

French Winter Outfits

Lastly, here are a few French winter outfits you can copy. Each of these ideas will help you nail French winter style even when it’s cold out!

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  1. I love your article! I admit I’m a fashionista Mom and this is a must-try style next winter! Thanks for sharing!

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