7 Parisian Summer Wardrobe Essentials

If you’re spending the summer in Paris, you might be wondering how to update your wardrobe for the occasion. Even if you won’t be traveling to the city of light, these Parisian summer wardrobe essentials will help you look just like a French girl.

Living in Paris, I’ve certainly had to adapt my wardrobe to the current French girl style. Parisians dress the best out of any city in the world if you ask me, and I’ve been obsessed with copying the style for years.

Parisian Summer Wardrobe

Here are the Parisian summer wardrobe must-haves that will take you from morning to evening. These basics will help you get the perfect Parisian summer style this year!

Daytime Dresses

Parisians love wearing daytime summer dresses when the weather warms up. Mirae is one of my favorite French clothing brands for French dresses. Shop a selection of French girl summer dresses here.

Striped Shirts

I always have at least 2-3 striped t-shirts ready for an easy Parisian summer outfit. These t-shirts are also called marinières or Breton striped shirts. They can be paired with jeans or linen shorts. Easy!

Light Wash Jeans

Light blue jeans are great for summers in Paris. They pair well with everything from casual white t-shirts to nice silk summer tops. I go with a straight-leg crop most often. This pair of jeans is definitely a foundational piece for creating chic Parisian summer outfits.

White Silk Shirt

A white silk shirt is the perfect summer workwear staple. Just make sure it isn’t too transparent, otherwise, you’ll have to wear an undershirt with it which could make you warmer.

Beige Ballet Flats

I live in my flats come summertime. Beige ballet flats are great for walking around Paris and they go well with many different types of outfits. Beige is a great neutral color for your summertime footwear

French Straw Market Bag

I see so many French straw market bags on the streets of Paris during summer! These large basket bags can be used for carrying fruits and vegetables from your local market or any number of daily essentials. They often have two long brown leather straps which you can sling over your shoulder. 


The last daily Parisian summer essential is a pair of French sunglasses, of course! From tortoiseshell oval 90s sunglasses to black cat-eye sunglasses, there are lots of different sunglasses styles that Parisians love.

I hope this post helped you learn how Parisians dress in summer!

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